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Professionally, Al is an accomplished and empathetic executive with over 25 years of success in leading business operations, organizational change, and team and strategy development. His consulting experience ranges from complex, multi-stakeholder environments in such renowned corporations as Tim Hortons (Restaurant Brands International), Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Pizza Hut, and Panago Pizza to entrepreneurial small and medium-sized businesses. Al's business legacy has been results driven and solution focused, with a strong history of partnership development, people leadership, and business growth in a style all his own.

It is easy to talk about what makes an individual great when one lists professional credentials and experience built over years of lessons learned and challenges overcome, but what differentiates Al is who he is at heart. It sounds cheesy, perhaps, in the bio of a professional business book, but his caring is his keystone characteristic: without it, none of the credentials and experience build up to anything lasting.

Al's success lies in his ability to show his team, stakeholders, business partners, and colleagues that he truly cares—about getting the job done right and achieving results, of course, but most importantly about not sacrificing the importance of people in the process. Those important relationships create the environment of corporate success day in and day out. Al always has your back and your bottom line!

Al has a knack for injecting pleasure into the business equation. He has fun, and it is important to him that the people he works with and for have fun, too. He is a true optimist in business and in life. As Disney's CEO Bob Iger says, nobody wants to work for a pessimist.

Al currently lives in Manitoba, Canada, with his lovely wife, Fiona; his two daughters, Taylor and Delaney; and Oliver, the family dog. Al is the world's greatest dad (or so he's been told) and a perfectly imperfect husband (the best kind). The family's personal and professional ventures have taken them to various places throughout Canada and have given them the pleasure of working with and meeting many exceptional people.

Al Dawson

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"In this quick read, Al will take you through a process that will help you create a vision that will provide the framework for you to focus on strengths and take leaps and bounds towards your desired outcome."

"When it comes to true leadership, Al exemplifies it. He is persistent in the pursuit of finding solutions to challenges, confident overcoming any obstacles and easily adapts to any changes that come his way. In understanding his strengths and weaknesses, he seeks out others to provide guidance and is eager to learn from their experience."

"Alan inspires, motivates and sparks a fire of energy into your passion to do the right thing. I have never been more compelled to be my best self until I worked with Al."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Al on many occasions over the past 22 years and two things always are achieved. The first, the job always gets done with the best possible outcome and the second; we always have fun."